Mold Remediation

Mold Consultations

CREW Inc and Keystone 1 Inc. (a division of CREW Inc.) offer mold consults and a full report for a small fee. These consults provide you with a report on the structural conditions and living conditions of the unit or residence.

Mold is often a product of a moisture problem within the dwelling. Locating the source of moisture can be a tricky process, the results of excess moisture can leave conditions favorable for mold growth.

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What do I receive when I schedule for a professional mold consultation?

  • A certified A.M.R.T (Antimicrobial Remediation Technician) will inspect the structure, using sensitive moisture reading equipment and trained skill
  • The technician will observe and document variances for excess moisture
  • Digital photo documentation will be taken and provided to you in a full report
  • Recommendations will be made to remedy any issues
  • Upon request, an estimate/bid for those repairs and upgrades can be prepared and work performed
  • Time with the technician to ask questions
  • Reading material for educational purposes

What is the benefit of having a professional mold consultation?

If you are an owner of a rental, apartment complex, or multi-family housing community; this will provide you with the information you need to protect yourself against and during litigation. It also provides the information you need to provide the healthy indoor environment that you are legally responsible to maintain. Addressing issues and documenting complaints about mold should always be a high priority.

Do you run any specials on consultations?

50% discount on consultations are given to all:

  • R.H.A. (Rental Housing Association) members and staff
  • W.M.F.H.A. members (Washington Multi-Family Housing Association) and staff

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