Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Carpet Cleaning

The Crew utilizes the steam cleaning process which is the recommended method by carpet manufacturers. Our equipment includes a truck-mounted steam cleaning system, assisted by a state of the art Rotary Jet Extraction unit.

The manual scrub wand is a good cleaning tool for cleaning lightly soiled carpet. When cleaning more heavily soiled carpet, the wand becomes a “beast of burden.” Cleaning results depend upon the strength, stamina, and technique of the person working the wand. Cleaning heavily soiled carpets with a scrub wand is “hard labor.” The repetitive motion of scrubbing back and forth is extremely strenuous and fatiguing.

The Rotovac makes more cleaning passes per minute than is possible with a manual scrub wand. In addition, the cleaning passes are from all directions rather than just back and forth. This is what produces cleaning results with far less operator fatigue.

Carpet Restoration

Even the best trained pets have accidents… and so do we humans. Spilled coffee or Kool-Aid can really do a number on carpet. When stains don’t come out, consider a less costly alternative to replacement, such as dyeing. Color repair can save thousands in carpet replacement costs.

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